Peek of Elijah

I recently posted a peek of a really cute couple expecting their first child. Since that session they have actually welcomed their sweet boy into this world. I have big regrets in admitting that I was not able to attend their birth. Luckily I had a very talented photographer/close friend on call to be my back-up photographer. I know that she really enjoyed being there to witness all of the emotions that were laid out during this birth. Everything went really well up until Mom was at 7 cm dilated and her temperature wouldn’t come down. Not to mention, baby’s heart beat started acting up a bit. It became vital to have an emergency c-section to ensure the health of Mom and Baby Elijah. Everything went well during the c-section and Mom and Baby are now doing great.

I will not be posting the slideshow until after his newborn session, so for now, you will have to live with a few peeks from his birth session. :)

Take a peek!


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  1. Heather Fricke

    OMG!!! Wonderful pics!!!! Can’t wait to see them ALL!!! and the video!!


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