Can I just say that I am addicted to labor and delivery? I was one of those crazy people who got an insane rush out of delivering my children and hearing their cry for the first time. So much so that I was ready to do it all over again. The anticipation that builds up during the labor at the thought of finally getting to meet your baby after waiting 9-10 months. Incredible. With a full household of boys, our family is complete, but I get to live vicariously through my clients as they go down their road of delivery and create their own birth story. My job is to capture and tell that story so that they can cherish it.

This is Elijah’s story.

For starters, mom and dad made the decision to bring this sweet boy into the world by experiencing a water birth. They chose a birthing center and midwife and took hypnobirthing classes to help prepare them for the big day. I got the call at 3 am last Thursday saying that Mom had been experiencing many surges and the midwife expected that we would have a birthday to celebrate that day. They got checked into the North Houston Birth Center at 6:30 and called me to tell me she was already at 5 cm. I arrived at about 7:45 and she was hopping into the water. An hour later she was experiencing many stronger surges. The midwife checked her and she was already complete. Little Elijah made his appearance at 9:20 am after hanging out with Mom for nearly 41 weeks.. The midwife and nurses stood back and watched as mom delivered him on her own with Dad’s help of lifting him out of the water and onto Mom’s chest. Incredible.

Side note, Mom and Dad are young. Like 21 years old young. I never would have been as prepared or as educated as them at their age. I had my oldest at 23 and even then I was very naive and just did whatever I was told without trying to figure out if it was best for him, or the both of us for that matter.

Welcome and Happy Birthday Elijah! You will never know just how much you are loved. Mom, you were amazing and strong. Dad, I have never seen such a more encouraging and loving birthing coach. You definitely made the experience easier for her.

Here is sneak of Elijah’s Birthday. Stay tuned for the slideshow!

mom in labor

water birth

labor and delivery

mom in labor in water

mom in labor in water

Enjoying an herbal tea bath with Mom after being cuddled and fed. Couldn’t be any more calm or happy here.


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Heather Wiegand posted the following on August 10, 2011 at 1:25 pm.

What a super job you did capturing Elijah’s journy into the world!!!

Dalyn posted the following on August 10, 2011 at 2:25 pm.

That is awesome! Thanks for sharing Stephanie!!

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