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Wondering whether you should take photos of your birth? The short answer is… yes, you should! If you’re against the idea or on the fence, you might think you’ll be too bashful, grossed out, or nonchalant to ever want to look at them. But wouldn’t it be nice to know you have the option, just in case you have a change of heart?

If photography is in your birth plan, make a point to designate someone responsible for charging the camera ahead of time and setting the time stamps correctly. They should know how to operate the camera (especially in low-lighted settings because flash might disturb your labor). They should be prepared with a list of moments you don’t want them to miss (whatever you think will be meaningful to you — the birth altar you spent an hour setting up, crowning, first latch, separation of the cord, any surprise events, get creative!).

1). They’ll help you remember the details.

I was able to write a rather detailed account of my second labor thanks in great part to the photos. You really do retreat into your own little world (Labor Land) and things get a bit… fuzzy. That birth high is wonderful but it doesn’t do much in the way of servicing your memory.

Also, because time is up to interpretation in labor (every minute either feels like two hours or two seconds, somehow never a minute), you’ll probably want to send a fruit basket to whoever invented the time stamp feature on modern cameras.

I had no idea my husband rubbed my feet right after my youngest son was born. I don’t even know if I was vaguely aware when it was happening. I just remember I felt ecstatic! I’m sure the foot rub had something to do with it, and hey, see, it happened… and I even know exactly when, and which essential oils he used (visible in another photo), because my doula and photographer had the foresight that I might feel fondly about the moment if able to review it later.

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