Houston Birth Photographer | Presenting Raven

This Spring was quite a change for this birth photographer with two Mommas who delivered early. This sweet girl wasn’t expected until May, but decided to make her appearance 4 weeks early. Unfortunately after many hours of pushing, baby was far from making her way into the world. After doing what she could to help Momma out, she decided that the safest thing for baby was to do a C-Section. Although this wasn’t the birth they had planed, Mom and Dad wanted to do whatever they needed to deliver her out safely. Sweet Raven was born at 9:09 pm weighing a mere 4 lbs 11 oz. Such a sweet little thing! I kept in touch with Mom and Dad over the next few weeks as Raven grew and prepared herself to be released from the NICU. I was blessed to be able to meet them at the hospital the day she got to go home to help commemorate the joyous occasion.

I am so happy to continue to make so lifelong relationships with these families and watch as they embrace parenthood and the additions to their family. I cannot wait to watch Raven grow!

I love this sweet picture of Mom and Raven just moments before being released from the hospital.

Birth Photography

Date: April 4, 2014

Delivered at: The Woman’s Hospital

Song: You Are Mine by Secret Nation feat. Spencer Combs and Holley Maher


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Houston Birth Photographer | Presenting Aiden

As a birth photographer, you know to keep in mind that every client is different and every birth is different. This loudly rang true with this Mama. Her bag of waters ruptured early on a Wednesday morning. Wanting to labor at home as long as possible, she went about her day resting and watching for signs that labor was progressing. That evening, they made their way to the hospital to get checked in and continue with their birth plan at the hospital. Come Thursday morning, things showed that they were progressing, but slowly. At this point, being concerned with the amount of time the bag of waters had been ruptured, the hospital decided to start her on pitocin to help labor continue to progress. Come afternoon, we started seeing signs of being on the brink of active labor. Mom was doing an awesome job through contractions and labor was still slowly progressing. Throughout the night, things started to slow even more. By Friday morning, the decision was made to go through with a C-Section. After 48 hours of labor and a ruptured bag of waters, Mom and Dad decided to go with what was best for baby. This little 37 week, 6 pound 6 ounce, 19.5 inch boy finally made his appearance.

I never cease to be amazed by the strength that women have when it comes to labor. Mama, you a did an amazing job through the ups and down of your labor and delivery. I am truly Blessed to have seen the love and support you and Dad have for each other. ♥

birth photographer

birth photographer

The Women’s Pavilion, Houston

Date: March 28, 2014

Delivered at: Texas Children’s Pavilion for Women

Doctor: Dr. Carla Ortique

Doula: Robin Selvera with Bella Vie Baby Planners

Song: Seeing the Future by Dexter Britain


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Houston and Cypress Birth Photographer | Presenting Carter

I met this sweet couple months before they were due to deliver their baby. The wanted to hire a birth photographer since they knew a lot of their family back in Colorado would not be able to be a part of their day. Luckily her mom was able to fly in and witness her daughter and son-in-law become parents for the first time. I was so proud of Dad in his support during delivery, especially since he can be a bit squeamish. He managed to focus all of his attention on his bride without watching all of the things that go on with a birth.

Over and over again, I am choked up by the awe and love parents so when meeting their child for the first time. It truly is an incredible thing that I am Blessed to capture.

I especially love watching how proud Mamas are when they watch their husband meet their baby. It’s like they cannot believe that they could possibly create such a beautiful child. Just look at this sweet moms face. :)

Birth Photographer




Date: March 11, 2014

Delivered at: Memorial City Memorial Hermann Hospital

Doctor: Holt

Song: The Perfect Day by Holly Maher

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