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I had the pleasure of meeting these first time parents as a referral from their Doula Jessica Gonzales with Village Birth & Babies. I LOVE, love, LOVE working with brith professionals like doulas. It is such a treat seeing a laboring mom have the support she needs in the special way she needs it. Plus it makes it so much easier for me to know how a mom’s labor is progressing without having to have constant contact with them.

Mom went into labor just after her due date. She seemed to be progressing fairly well for a first time mom. By the time Jessica called me out and I arrived, Mom was handling labor like a champ. She was actually sitting up with earbuds in jamming to some music. It was pretty serene. We got her up and moving to see if we couldn’t get things to intensify a bit and it definitely kicked things into gear. Unfortunately baby decided that he didn’t like the way labor was progressing. After many minutes of watching and pushing to see if we could get passed what baby was experiencing, the call was made for an emergency c-section.

In most cases, I wait for mom to come into recovery to continue capturing the birth story. Although the same rang true in this case, Mom was too exhausted from laboring and the surgery, that I decided to let her rest and come back for a Fresh 48 session to capture those yummy moments of mom and baby.

Happy BIRTHday August!

April 16, 2016

Texas Children’s Pavilion for Women

Please check out my Investment Page to find out more information on booking a birth session. I am currently booking into the Fall of 2017 with availability for ONE more client this Spring, so please contact me soon if you would like to schedule a client consult since I only book a certain amount of birth clients per month.

COMING SOON!!! I am pleased to announce that a new option will soon be offered in capturing your birth story. Be on the lookout for information on birth film stories (birth videography). This is a unique way of capturing these special moments through movement. Please check out a film sample by watching Faye’s Birth Story.

I look forward to being able to capture and tell your birth story!

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