An In-Home Fresh Session of a Family with Three Boys

Dash’s Fresh Session

This family was after my heart. Having three boys myself, I enjoyed watching them interact with each other. It brought me back to the days where my boys were young and wild and drove me bananas. I never thought I would ever say it, but I SO miss this stage. 

I’ll be honest when I say my patience with my boys was thin, my stress through the roof and most days it was all I could do to get through a day without one of them getting hurt. However, now looking back, some of my best memories were the moments that I walked into a room and saw nothing but disaster. Like the time I was downstairs nursing Ace and I began to hear the laughter of two naughty boys upstairs. I run upstairs, while Ace is still latched... and my shirt off, to find that they were jumping on the beds and squirting Baby Magic lotion all over the room. The walls. The carpet. The beds. Don’t even ask where they found the bottle because I had an aversion to the smell of that lotion. But you know how it is, if you leave toddlers alone for extended periods of time, they will find something to get into. 

As I positioned mom on the edge of the bed for some sweet cuddles with Babe, her older boys decided that is was the best time to have a wrestling match behind her. As she opened her mouth to tell them to stop, I told her that one day she will miss these days. Let me capture her life as it is right now. Wrestling and all. I wish I had taken more time to stop and capture the little moments. Even the ones that drove me nuts. 

Stop. Take time. Live. Capture.


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