Hi there! My name is  Stephanie.

From the moment I heard my first-born son’s cry, I was addicted.

It was a long, hard birth. I pushed for 2 hours and all that got me was his head. Quickly the world started to spin as the room flooded with people and all I heard “his shoulders are stuck”, “call anesthesia”, “emergency c-section” and “prep the OR”. But, with every fiber of my being, I pushed and all 9 lbs 5 oz of him was born. It was one of the hardest, yet rewarding things I had ever done at that point.

Not long thereafter, my second came (13 months later to be exact) and then my third. I had an overwhelming sense of emptiness as we closed the chapter of growing our family. I knew that my calling was to be in the birth community. To help families have a way to relive the moments that they met their babe for the first time. To show parents through my work that they have options in how they choose to birth. Where they choose to deliver. With whom they trust to be in their birth space.

I can’t wait to go down this journey with you.